"Building Security Guards for a secured life"

Bright Security Services aims  to provide a safe environment for clients with efficient well trained guards who secure their assets under any circumstances. The main purpose of the company is to provide employment opportunities for over 1000+ people by the year 2021 & bring strong employ-ability force to the nation. 

Our Services


Bright Security Services is specialized in providing security services  all over Tamil Nadu with brandches  in Chennai, Tiruvallur and Vellore. Our services includes Security Care, Fire Safety, VIP protections, Personal Bodyguards, Intelligence Investigation Work, technology Integrated solutions, Fast Immediate Actions (FIA). 


BSS offers services in this sector which involves the operation, control and oversight of real estate, managing the assets of the customer and ensuring profitable incomes. Our service includes Tenant Management, Household repairs, Payment of Taxes, Property  Monitoring and Real estate Buying & Selling.


This is a thankless job of service where the company constantly  works on keeping the campus and its surroundings clean and healthy, protects from harmful diceases, insects & Mosquito. The services in this sector includes standard house keeping and Deep Cleaning services.


BSS further extends its services in the installation of security systems including CCTV cameras, Fire alarms and extinguisher, complete 24/7 surveillance systems and a range of other safety systems in residentail apartments, Offices, Factories and Manufacturing units.

Our Clients

Remarkable service not only by serving long term but also safeguarding long term. Its hard to get energetic and talented people at time.
bright security
Ram Kumar
Branch Manager
Fulfilling our needs and keeping up the words is done well by the company. Their Employees are loyal to our companies as well.
bright security
Arun Arumugam
HR head in Tychons
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